Definition of Getters

1. Noun. (plural of getter) ¹

2. Verb. (third-person singular of getter) ¹

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Definition of Getters

1. getter [v] - See also: getter

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Literary usage of Getters

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Coal Tar Distillation and Working Up of Tar Products by Arthur Robert Warnes (1918)
"This depth of pitch will cool rapidly and is dug with a minimum of labour by the pitch-getters. With reference to the length of time that the pitch must ..."

2. We; a Confession of Faith for the American People During and After the War by Gerald Stanley Lee (1916)
"... WHINERS AND Getters If Europe absolutely knew and could absolutely prove that it could supply this country with what it wants to eat and to wear better ..."

3. Adventures and Observations on the West Coast of Africa, and Its Islands by Charles W. Thomas (1860)
"Bishop Heber's Hymn—Fancies and Realities—The Gold and its getters —Gold Dust Currency—Two Centuries ago—Cape Coast Town—The Civilization of Commerce—A ..."

4. The Child of Democracy: Being the Adventures of the Embryo State (1894)
"V. THE MONEY-Getters WITH the close of the school year in June my feelings fought against return to Dundee, the memory of my long disquiet bulking upon me. ..."

5. City Building: A Citation of Methods in Use in More Than One Hundred Cities by S. H. Clay (1913)
"... Pageants, and Similar Shows are Good Trade Getters The retail merchants of many cities have realized the fact that in order to increase the number of ..."

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