Definition of Harlem

1. Noun. A district of Manhattan; now largely a Black ghetto.

Generic synonyms: City District
Group relationships: Manhattan

Definition of Harlem

1. Proper noun. A neighborhood in northern Manhattan, currently known for its black population. ¹

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Literary usage of Harlem

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Magazine of History with Notes and Queries (1907)
"THE BATTLE OF Harlem HEIGHTS AGAIN THE article of Dr. Thomas Addis Emmet ... Harlem Plains is a plateau bounded approximately on the east by Harlem river, ..."

2. A History of the New York Stage from the First Performance in 1732 to 1901 by Thomas Allston Brown (1903)
"Harlem MUSIC HALL IN the new depot building of the Third Avenue railroad, ... It was occupied as a place of amusement aiw called "Harlem Music HALL. ..."

3. The Magazine of American History with Notes and Queries by John Austin Stevens, Benjamin Franklin DeCosta, Martha Joanna Lamb, Henry Phelps Johnston, Nathan Gilbert Pond, William Abbatt (1880)
"Harlem Heights and Bloomingdale Heights are divided by the Hollow Way as the ... The southern extremity of the Harlem Heights overlooking the Hollow Way was ..."

4. The Journal of the American-Irish Historical Society by American-Irish Historical Society (1911)
"THE BATTLE OF Harlem HEIGHTS.1 [Dr. Emmet's article was written in reply to the following article which appeared some time ago in the New York Evening Post. ..."

5. Municipal Franchises: A Description of the Terms and Conditions Upon which by Delos Franklin Wilcox (1911)
"The earliest street railway franchise in the United States New York and Harlem Railroad, "City Line."—Bv a special act of the New York legislature passed ..."

6. Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Superior Court of the City of by John Duer (1858)
"Colegrove v, Harlem and New Haven RR Co's. The counsel for the defendants, the New York and New Haven Railroad Company requested the court to charge : . 1. ..."

7. The Book of Daniel Drew: A Glimpse of the Fisk-Gould-Tweed Régime from the by Bouck White (1910)
"That stage line was from Park Row, New York City, up to Harlem Village, above where noth Street now is. As the people moved out from New York and settled up ..."

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