Definition of Mount Parnassus

1. Noun. (Greek mythology) a mountain in central Greece where (according to Greek mythology) the Muses lived; known as the mythological home of music and poetry. "Liakoura is the modern name of Mount Parnassus"

Exact synonyms: Liakoura, Parnassus
Category relationships: Greek Mythology
Group relationships: Ellas, Greece, Hellenic Republic
Generic synonyms: Mountain Peak

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Literary usage of Mount Parnassus

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine by Roy J. Friedman Mark Twain Collection (Library of Congress) (1913)
"... OF Mount Parnassus and, so the Greeks declare, stealing whatever they can lay their dark hands on. They look wild and smiling, crafty rather than ..."

2. Modern Greece: A Narrative of a Residence and Travels in that Country; with by Henry Martyn Baird (1856)
"And now commenced the ascent of Mount Parnassus proper, which rises from this high plain. At first our path lay through a wood of pine and fir trees, ..."

3. Greece: Pictorial, Descriptive, and Historical by Christopher Wordsworth (1844)
"... consisting of dark marble cliffs capped with snow, which are the eastern projections of Mount Parnassus. Beneath them is the - .. ..."

4. The American First Class Book; Or, Exercises in Reading and Recitation (1834)
"Apostrophe to Mount Parnassus.*—BYRON. O THOU Parnassus ! whom I now survey, Not in the phrensy of a dreamer's eye, Not in the fabled landscape of a lay, ..."

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