Definition of Nathaniel Bailey

1. Noun. English lexicographer who was the first to treat etymology consistently; his work was used as a reference by Samuel Johnson (died in 1742).

Exact synonyms: Bailey, Nathan Bailey
Generic synonyms: Lexicographer, Lexicologist

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Literary usage of Nathaniel Bailey

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records by Charles William Manwaring (1902)
"Nathaniel Bailey, Executor, accepted of being Executor with his Brother in Court. Page 78-79-80. I Bartholemew Barnard of Hartford declare this my last Will ..."

2. Vital Records of Newbury, Massachusetts, to the End of the Year 1849 by Newbury (Mass.) (1911)
"Mary, and Nathaniel Bailey, of Rowley, July 25, 1726. WORTH, Abiah, and Jonathan Morss of Plymouth [NH int.], June 8, 1786.* Abigail, and William Rogers, ..."

3. Historic Homes and Institutions and Genealogical and Personal Memoirs of by Ellery Bicknell Crane (1907)
"(III) Nathaniel Bailey, son of John Bailey (2), was born in Rowley, Massachusetts, ... (IV) Joseph Bailey, son of Nathaniel Bailey (3), was born at Rowley, ..."

4. Report of the Celebration of the Centennial of the Incorporation of the Town by Mary Hall (1904)
"Nathaniel Bailey was the son of Joshua Bailey and Ann Foote, the latter of the seventh generation from Nathaniel Foote, one of the first settlers of ..."

5. Vital Records of Hanson, Massachusetts, to the Year 1850 by Hanson (Mass.) (1911)
"Nathaniel Bailey and Pamelia Otis (Fuller), Aug. 7, 1848. PRIQ. THOMPSON, Asa, Feb. 4, 1830, a. 82. THRASHER, Lucy, ch. Israel and Ruth, Sept. 15, 1821. ..."

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