Definition of Nubian

1. Noun. A native or inhabitant of Nubia. "Nubians now form an ethnic minority in Egypt"

Generic synonyms: Ethnic Group, Ethnos, Egyptian
Group relationships: Nubia

Definition of Nubian

1. a. Of or pertaining to Nubia in Eastern Africa.

Definition of Nubian

1. Proper noun. An inhabitant of the ancient Nubia or a person of Nubian descent. ¹

2. Adjective. Pertaining to Nubia, its people or its language. ¹

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Literary usage of Nubian

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A History of Egypt from the End of the Neolithic Period to the Death of by Ernest Alfred Wallis Budge (1902)
"IN connexion with the Ptolemaic Period a short account of the revival of the power of the Nubian kingdom must be given. We have already seen that the temple ..."

2. A Journey to Central Africa: Or, Life and Landscapes from Egypt to the Negro by Bayard Taylor (1862)
"... —Nubian Agriculture—Old Dongola—The Palace-Mosque of the Nubian Kings—A Panorama of Desolation—The Old City—Nubian Gratitude—Another Sand-Storm —A ..."

3. Egypt by Eva Ambros (2001)
"FROM LUXOR TO THE Nubian TEMPLES UPPER NILE VALLEY EDFU KÖM OMBO ASWAN THE Nubian TEMPLES temples of Pharaonic Egypt. Work on this structure began in August ..."

4. The Quarterly Review by John Gibson Lockhart, George Walter Prothero, William Gifford, Sir John Taylor Coleridge, Whitwell Elwin, William Macpherson, Baron Rowland Edmund Prothero Ernle, Sir William Smith (1907)
"Anglo-Nubian and Toggenburg (11). English and Toggenburg. (Anglo-Nubian, Toggenburg, crosses, " \ and mountain goats (30). ..."

5. The Archaeological Journal by British Archaeological Association (1895)
"THE Nubian VALLEY AND THE MODIFIED NILE RESERVOIR.1 By SOMERS CLARKE, ... the learned societies and it leaves the other numerous Nubian monuments untouched. ..."

6. The Quarterly Review by William Gifford, George Walter Prothero, John Gibson Lockhart, John Murray, Whitwell Elwin, John Taylor Coleridge, Rowland Edmund Prothero Ernle, William Macpherson, William Smith (1907)
"Anglo-Nubian and Toggenburg (11). „ English and Toggenburg. Í Anglo-Nubian, Toggenburg, eros " \ and mountain goats (30). ..."

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