Definition of Oregon crab apple

1. Noun. Small tree or shrub of western United States having white blossoms and tiny yellow or red fruit.

Exact synonyms: Malus Fusca
Generic synonyms: Crab Apple, Crabapple, Wild Apple

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Literary usage of Oregon crab apple

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Check List of the Forest Trees of the United States: Their Names and Ranges by George Bishop Sudworth (1898)
"Oregon crab apple (Cal., Wash., Greg.); Crab or Wild Apple. Pyrus americana (Marsh.) de C. Mountain Ash. RANGE.—From Newfoundland to Manitoba, ..."

2. The Encyclopedia of Practical Horticulture: A Reference System of Commercial by Granville Lowther, William Worthington (1914)
"... or in strips of timber and clumps or groves in the prairie states and the Oregon crab apple native to the Pacific coast. The native wild apples. ..."

3. Plant Names, Scientific and Popular, Including in the Case of Each Plant the by Albert Brown Lyons (1900)
"Eoem., the Oregon Crab-apple. 1270. MALTA, L. - Mallow. - Malvaceae. The ancient Greek name. Mucilaginous herbs, the shape of the fruit suggesting the ..."

4. Ornamental Shrubs of the United States (hardy, Cultivated) by Austin Craig Apgar (1910)
"Oregon crab apple — Pyrus fusca. P. Flowers rosy-red, fragrant, blooming with the leaves. (G.) G. Leaves broad, often lobed. WILD or AMERICAN CRAB APPLE ..."

5. Building Construction and Superintendence by Frank Eugene Kidder (1915)
"(3) Oregon crab apple (Pyrus rivularis). The wood is heavy, very close-grained, hard and has a satiny surface which takes a high polish. ..."

6. The Principal Species of Wood: Their Characteristic Properties by Charles Henry Snow (1908)
"The Oregon crab apple (Pyrus rivularis) grows naturally from California to Alaska and is sometimes forty feet in height. The fine, hard, heavy, ..."

7. Wood and Other Organic Structural Materials by Charles Henry Snow (1917)
"The Oregon crab apple (Pyrus rivularis) grows on the Pacific Coast from California to Alaska and sometimes attains a height of forty feet. ..."

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