Definition of River Styx

1. Noun. (Greek mythology) a river in Hades across which Charon carried dead souls.

Exact synonyms: Styx
Group relationships: Hades, Hell, Infernal Region, Netherworld, Scheol, Underworld
Category relationships: Greek Mythology
Generic synonyms: River

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Literary usage of River Styx

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The American Indian (Uh-nish-in-na-ba) by Elijah Middlebrook Haines (1888)
"... to the Land of Souls—Like the River Styx of the Greeks—Perils in Passing Over this Mythical River—Description of the Land of the Blessed—Indian Religion ..."

2. A Captive of War by Solon Hyde (1900)
"CHAPTER XIX ACROSS THE River Styx EARLY on the morning of the second day (Monday) before the light of dawn had penetrated the dark room, our door was opened ..."

3. Europa: Or, Scenes and Society in England, France, Italy, and Switzerland by Daniel Clarke Eddy (1860)
"In this vicinity are the Elysian Fields and the River Styx, immortalized by Virgil, and so often sighed over by romantic young men, when they begin to read ..."

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