Definition of Air search radar

1. Noun. A shipboard radar that searches for aircraft.

Generic synonyms: Naval Radar

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Literary usage of Air search radar

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Dollars and Sense of Command and Control by Raymond C. Bjorklund (1995)
"The Sheffield had apparently turned off her air search radar because of interference with an onboard satellite communications terminal and left herself ..."

2. Surface Combatants: Navy Faces Challenges Sustaining Its Current Program by Carol R. Schuster (1998)
"The system's primary air search radar will be modified to allow it to search at higher elevations and for longer ranges and maintain its tracking on ..."

3. Drug Control: Heavy Investment in Military Surveillance Is Not Paying Off by Louis J. Rodrigues, Robert J. Stolba (2003)
"For example, over half of the hours were flown by P-3 maritime patrol aircraft that do not have an air-search radar. ..."

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