Definition of Alphabet soup

1. Noun. A confusing assortment. "Roosevelt created an alphabet soup of federal agencies"

2. Noun. Soup that contains small noodles in the shape of letters of the alphabet.
Generic synonyms: Soup

Definition of Alphabet soup

1. Noun. A type of soup that contains noodles in the shape of various alphabetical letters ¹

2. Noun. (figuratively) An overabundance of acronyms and abbreviations ¹

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Literary usage of Alphabet soup

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Medicare Provider Service Networks: Congressional Hearing edited by Michael Bilirakis (1999)
"... otherwise recognized in Washington's alphabet soup as PSOs. I also want to commend my colleague, Jim Greenwood, for his leadership on HR 475, ..."

2. Beginning Writers: How to Make Books with Children Series by Jo Ellen Moore (1999)
"alphabet soup Each student will need a blank soup pot form. Assign each student a letter of the alphabet. They are to draw an item beginning with their ..."

3. The Golden Rule Cook Book: Six Hundred Recipes for Meatless Dishes by Mrs Maud Russell Lorraine Sharpe Freshel (1910)
"NOODLE OR alphabet soup Strain any one of the vegetable soups for stock, add £ cup of noodles or "alphabets" fifteen minutes before serving. ..."

4. Parents, Peers and Pot II: Parents in Action by Marsha Manatt (1996)
"But the students' knowing guffaws and sophisticated questions about a virtual alphabet soup of MDA, THC, and PCP reemphasized the point that drug use had ..."

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