Definition of Andrew w. mellon

1. Noun. United States financier and philanthropist (1855-1937).

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Literary usage of Andrew w. mellon

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Swift Progress of Population: A Documentary and Bibliographic Study of by Susan E. Klepp (1991)
"It was a fellowship from the andrew w. mellon Foundation, administered by the American Philosophical Society Library under the directorship of Edward C. ..."

2. History of Pittsburgh and Environs, from Prehistoric Days to the Beginning by George Thornton Fleming (1922)
"After leaving school he engaged with his brother, andrew w. mellon, in the wholesale lumber and realty business at Mansfield, now Carnegie, Pa. ..."

3. "Realms of Gold": A Catalogue of Maps in the Library of the American by Murphy D. Smith (1991)
"We would like to acknowledge the generous support of The andrew w. mellon Foundation, which made possible this publication. Edward C. Carter II Librarian ..."

4. The Maecenas and the Madrigalist: Patrons, Patronage, and the Origins of the by Anthony M. Cummings (2004)
"... University Libraries and Scholarly Communication: A Study Prepared for the andrew w. mellon Foundation (with William G. Bowen, et al.,The Haworth Press, ..."

5. Washington Close-ups: Intimate Views of Some Public Figures by Edward George Lowry (1921)
"At this juncture it is given to Mr. andrew w. mellon, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to explain to all these persons, who have been led astray by Daniel ..."

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