Medical Definition of Aortic body tumour

1. Aortic body, carotid body, chemoreceptor, or glomus jugulare tumour; nonchromaffin paraganglioma; receptoma; a relatively rare, usually benign neoplasm originating in the chemoreceptor tissue of the carotid body, glomus jugulare, and aortic bodies; consisting histologically of rounded or ovoid hyperchromatic cells that tend to be grouped in an alveolus-like pattern within a scant to moderate amount of fibrous stroma and a few large thin-walled vascular channels. Compare: paraganglioma. Synonym: aortic body tumour, carotid body tumour, chemoreceptor tumour, glomus jugulare tumour, nonchromaffin paraganglioma. Origin: chemo-+ G. Dektes, receiver, fr. Dechomai, to receive, + -oma, tumour (05 Mar 2000)

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