Definition of As much as possible

1. Adverb. To a feasible extent. "She helped him as much as possible"

Exact synonyms: As Far As Possible

Definition of As much as possible

1. Adverb. As much as is possible. ¹

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Literary usage of As much as possible

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Diary of the American Revolution: From Newspapers and Original Documents by Frank Moore (1860)
"As the ladies here would wish to expedite the good work as much as possible, they have appointed Miss ..."

2. A Diary in America: With Remarks on Its Institutions. by Frederick Marryat (1839)
"... their object has been to crush them as much as possible.* The policy pursued * It was not long; after the conquest, that another and larger class of ..."

3. Elements of Criticism by Henry Home Kames (1819)
"... and the length of the members, ought to be diversified as much as possible: and if the members of different periods be sufficiently diversified, ..."

4. The Works of Hannah More: With a Sketch of Her Life by Hannah More (1827)
"Athens was the pure wellhead of poetry : aside the popular power, his attention was directed to devest it, as much as possible, of its mischiefs, ..."

5. The Edinburgh Review by Sydney Smith (1869)
"... as part of which they have as much as possible of practical knowledge communicated to them, in addition to their scientific attainments. ..."

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