Definition of Association cortex

1. Noun. Cortical areas that are neither motor or sensory but are thought to be involved in higher processing of information.

Exact synonyms: Association Area
Generic synonyms: Cortical Area, Cortical Region

Medical Definition of Association cortex

1. Generic term denoting the large expanses of the cerebral cortex that are not sensory or motor in the customary sense, but are involved in advanced stages of sensory information processing, multisensory integration, or sensorimotor integration. See: cerebral cortex. Synonym: association areas. (05 Mar 2000)

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Literary usage of Association cortex

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Schizophrenia, 1993: A Special Report edited by David Shore, Samuel J. Keith (1996)
"... to mesial temporal structures, including entorhinal cortex, plays a "crucial role in integration and processing of output from association cortex" (p. ..."

2. Principles of Physiological Psychology by Wilhelm Max Wundt (1904)
"In the ' association cortex,' finally, these plexuses become less conspicuous, and the granular layers, containing for the most part intercalary cells of ..."

3. The Neuroscience of Mental Health: A Report on Neuroscience Research edited by Stephen H. Koslow (1997)
"... representations in primary cortical areas or on memory correlates in the association cortex of animals performing short-term recognition memory tasks. ..."

4. Mammalian Models for Research on Aging by Bennett J. Cohen, Institute Of Laboratory Animal Resources, National Research Council Staff (1981)
"72:604-605. Ingvar, DH, J. Risberg, and MS Schwartz. l975. Evidence of subnormal function of association cortex in presenile dementia. Neurology 25:964-974. ..."

5. Harmful Non-Indigenous Species in the United States (1994)
"... they are consistent with the morphological changes found in frontal cortex and with the findings of studies on damage to association cortex in animals ..."

6. The Principles and Practice of Medicine: Designed for the Use of by William Osler, Thomas McCrae (1912)
"Aspiration, in acute pleurisy, 665; in hydronephrosis, 717; in pneumothorax, 672. Aspiration pneumonia, 102, 104, 106. ' ' association cortex, ' ' 970. ..."

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