Definition of Assumings

1. assuming [n] - See also: assuming

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Literary usage of Assumings

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Diary, of Thomas Burton, Esq. Member in the Parliaments of Oliver and by Thomas Burton, Goddard, Guibon (1828)
"... as to his assuming the attributes of Christ, but rather a positive denial of these assumings. The proof is all along dubious. ..."

2. The Works of John Owen by John Owen (1826)
"Such self-assumings are many of the old papal epistles stuffed withal. A sober humble Christian cannot but nauseate at the reading of them. ..."

3. Specimens of English dramatic poets who lived about the time of Shakspeare by Charles Lamb (1854)
"Shall stand 'gainst all the dull detractions Of leaden souls; who, for the vain assumings 1 They had offended the emperor by concealing the love of Oriel ..."

4. Duplicate Copy of the Souvenir from the Afro-American League of Tennessee to by James Mitchell Ashley (1894)
"... who with an assumption of knowledge which they have not, and a cheek as brazen as that of a professed saint when assumings the livery of heaven, ..."

5. Forty Years in a Moorland Parish: Reminiscences and Researches in Danby in by John Christopher Atkinson (1891)
"... or assumings, based upon no real or genuine observation, is continually put forward in almost every vehicle of natural history 'Notes and Queries'! ..."

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