Definition of Bad check

1. Noun. A check that is dishonored on presentation because of insufficient funds. "Issuing a bad check is a form of larceny"

Exact synonyms: Bad Cheque
Generic synonyms: Bank Check, Check, Cheque

Definition of Bad check

1. Noun. A check/cheque written against a bank account with insufficient funds to pay the bearer the amount of the check. ¹

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Literary usage of Bad check

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Federal Income Tax, War-profits and Excess-profits Taxes: Including Stamp by George Edwin Holmes (1920)
"If the amount is recovered, the bad check will be returned to the drawer; if it is not recovered, the collector will proceed to collect the taxes by the ..."

2. Annual Statement of the Trade and Commerce of St. Louis by Merchants' Exchange of St. Louis, George H Morgan (1917)
"bad check LAW. MARCH 2ND.—The Board of Directors approved the report of the ... 726 before the State Legislature known as the "bad check Law," and ..."

3. Cases on the Law of Bills and Notes: Selected from Decisions of English and by Howard Leslie Smith (1922)
"The system has a weak feature; that is, the contingency that a bank depositing a bad check on another bank, possibly for a very large sum, may refuse or ..."

4. Cases on Criminal Law: Selected from Decisions of English and American Courts by William Ephraim Mikell (1908)
"It was shown that the defendant, on being arrested and informed that 'the arrest was on a warrant "on a bad check in the Hotel Navarre," said to the officer ..."

5. Economics of Bridgework: A Sequel to Bridge Engineering by John Alexander Low Waddell (1921)
"... while the cost per foot for the substructure given by the diagram is $270. This is not a bad check. For a depth of 100 feet, the economic ..."

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