Definition of Barium sulphate

1. Noun. A white insoluble radiopaque powder used as a pigment.

Exact synonyms: Barium Sulfate, Blanc Fixe
Generic synonyms: Sulfate, Sulphate

2. Noun. A white or colorless mineral (BaSO4); the main source of barium.
Exact synonyms: Barite, Barytes, Heavy Spar
Terms within: Atomic Number 56, Ba, Barium
Generic synonyms: Mineral

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Literary usage of Barium sulphate

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London by Royal Society (Great Britain) (1895)
"formation of a slight precipitate of barium sulphate. That this did not seriously affect the result was shown by making two determinations of the velocity ..."

2. Standard Methods of Chemical Analysis: A Manual of Analytical Methods and by Wilfred Welday Scott (1922)
"barium sulphate is reported as barium sulphate or as lithopone, if zinc sulphide is present, according to the given composition of lithopone, 70% barium ..."

3. Journal of the American Chemical Society by American Chemical Society (1910)
"Conductance of solutions saturated with silver chloride and barium sulphate. 6. The solubility values for silver chloride and barium sulphate. 7. ..."

4. A Dictionary of Applied Chemistry by Thomas Edward Thorpe (1921)
"barium sulphate is partially decomposed by boiling with a concentrated solution ... If precipitated, barium sulphate be dissolved in fuming sulphuric acid, ..."

5. Report of the Annual Meeting (1894)
"... Sandstone containing barium sulphate as a Cementing Material. By Professor FRANK CLOWES, D.Sc. The author draws attention to papers presented by him to ..."

6. A Dictionary of Applied Chemistry by Thomas Edward Thorpe (1912)
"barium sulphate is also soluble to a perceptible extent in ammonium nitrate. ... barium sulphate is partially decomposed by boiling with ft concentrated ..."

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