Definition of Beauty parlour

1. Noun. A shop where hairdressers and beauticians work.

Exact synonyms: Beauty Parlor, Beauty Salon, Beauty Shop, Salon
Generic synonyms: Shop, Store

Definition of Beauty parlour

1. Noun. (a UK) (alternative spelling of beauty parlor) ¹

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Literary usage of Beauty parlour

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Gentleman's Magazine Library edited by George Laurence Gomme, Frank Alexander Milne, Lady A C Bickley, Mrs Alice Bertha Merck Gomme (1901)
"In the beauty- parlour are twenty-two portraits of ladies. Coventry was visited by the plague in 1350, 1564, 1574, 1578, 1603 and 1625. ..."

2. Evictions and the Right to Housing: Experience from Canada, Chile, the by Antonio Azuela (1998)
"... as beauty-parlour or rooming-house operators, or as lottery-ticket vendors. Some also lived on pensions. ..."

3. Landmark Visitors Guide Cornwall by Rita Tregellas Pope (2006)
"Young Florence soon moved to New York, became a partner in a beauty salon business but before long, opened her own beauty parlour on Fifth Avenue. ..."

4. Oecd Economic Surveys by Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (2003)
"Source: OECD. cannot open within 250 meters of another beauty parlour. National legislation, Legge I14/1998, implemented in 1999, liberalised the opening, ..."

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