Definition of Belau

1. Noun. A chain of more than 200 islands about 400 miles long in the western central Pacific Ocean.

Exact synonyms: Palau, Palau Islands, Pelew
Terms within: Palau, Republic Of Palau, Tt
Generic synonyms: Archipelago
Group relationships: Pacific, Pacific Ocean

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Literary usage of Belau

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Oceans and the Environment: A Pacific Island Perspective by DIANE Publishing Company (1994)
"Our most advanced program in the Pacific is in belau; it is about a year and a ... belau is on the cutting edge of development, so we are working with the ..."

2. History of Gardiner, Pittston and West Gardiner: With a Sketch of the by John Wesley Hanson (1852)
"And in consideration of the faithful services of my servant maid, belau, I give her all her wearing apparel with the bed and bedding she has usually used ..."

3. Journal of the County Kildare Archaeological Society by County Kildare Archaeological Society (1908)
"... century a family of FitzGerald resided in the Castle (of which there is not now a single trace), and held the lauds of belau Great aud Belan Little from ..."

4. A Textbook on German by International Correspondence Schools (1908)
"sen, annoy- belau'fen, v. ir. i., to amount to. belau'f^cn, vi, to listen secretly. bele'bcn, vt, to animate, to enliven. belebt', adj., lively; frequented. ..."

5. Hunt's Yachting Magazine (1868)
"The Kittiwake took the lead, and though the Anemone crept up when the Kittiwake anchored in the narrows by belau to save being driven back by the tide, ..."

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