Definition of Blind stitching

1. Noun. Stitching that is not easily seen or noticed.

Generic synonyms: Sewing, Stitching

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Literary usage of Blind stitching

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Bulletin by Montana Historical Society, Henry E. Legler Regional Branch, Library, Chicago Public Library, Chicago West Side Historical Society (1916)
"The sleeve is blind, stitched at the wrist with a special blind-stitching machine, which is also used for padding the collar. ..."

2. Industrial Education by United States Bureau of Labor, Charles Henry Winslow, Jesse C. Bowen (1911)
"... blind stitching, mending, darning, and patching. Second year.—Cutting and making men's underwear and negligee shirts; taking measure, cutting white ..."

3. Ethiopia in Exile: Jamaica Revisited by Bessie Pullen-Burry (1905)
"... whipping ruffles, chain-stitching, feather-stitching ; darning on cashmere, slip and blind stitching, mending, darning, making buttonholes and eyelets. ..."

4. Progressive Lessons in the Art and Practice of Needlework for Use in Schools by Catherine F. Johnson (1895)
"What stitch is used to ornament the hem after blind-stitching it ? Ans. To ornament the hem, feather or vine stitching is used. 35. ..."

5. The Academy: A Journal of Secondary Education by Associated Principles of the High Schools and Academies of the State of New York (1890)
"( blind stitching, etc. 14. Buttons and button holes. 15. Collar and finishing. Sleeve—Measure, draft, cut, baste, fit, stitch, pick out basting, fit, ..."

6. History of Wyandotte County, Kansas, and Its People by Perl Wilbur Morgan (1911)
"Second term :—Felling—flat, bias and French fell; gathering, putting on bands; French hem on damask; blind stitching; putting in gusset, sewing on tape and ..."

7. Rose's Notes on the United States Supreme Court Reports (2 Dallas to 241 by Walter Malins Rose, Charles Lawrence Thompson, United States Supreme Court (1919)
"952, 90 CCA 310, Lewis machine for blind-stitching was not anticipated by Hoffman and Meyers patent or by Gammons patent; United Shoe Machinery Co. v. ..."

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