Definition of Blue goose

1. Noun. North American wild goose having dark plumage in summer but white in winter.

Exact synonyms: Chen Caerulescens
Generic synonyms: Goose
Group relationships: Chen, Subgenus Chen
Specialized synonyms: Snow Goose

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Literary usage of Blue goose

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Bookman (1903)
"... mining camp—as pictured in his To the End of the Trail and his latest book, The blue goose ... blue goose ..."

2. Zoe: A Biological Journal by Townshend Stith Brandegee, Katharine Layne Brandegee (1908)
"I think the blue goose has not heretofore been reported in California, though my belief has been for nearly ten years that I have occasionally seen the ..."

3. Report on the Birds of Pennsylvania: With Special Reference to the Food by Benjamin Harry Warren (1890)
"The Blue Snow Goose, called also the blue goose, is placed in the ... I have never seen the blue goose in Pennsylvania, but give it a place in this report ..."

4. Handbook of Birds of Eastern North America: With Introductory Chapters on by Frank Michler Chapman (1912)
"BLUE GoosE(Ad.). I!. Bill black, throat and sides of the head white, lores black. 175. ... blue goose (Im.). 171a. WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE (Im.). 2. ..."

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