Definition of Bog bilberry

1. Noun. An evergreen shrub with leathery leaves.

Definition of Bog bilberry

1. Noun. A shrub native of the cool temperate areas of northern hemisphere, ''Vaccinium uliginosum''. ¹

2. Noun. The berry of that shrub. ¹

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Literary usage of Bog bilberry

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Our Northern Shrubs and how to Identify Them: A Handbook for the Nature-lover by Harriet Louise Keeler (1903)
"Fruit.—Berry, globular, blue with a bloom, sweet, about one- fourth of an inch in diameter. August. bog bilberry. BOG WHORTLEBERRY bog bilberry, ..."

2. How to Know the Wild Flowers: A Guide to the Names, Haunts, and Habits of by Frances Theodora Parsons (1895)
"The leaves are pale green above and whitish underneath. bog bilberry. ... The bog bilberry is found blossoming in early summer on the high mountain-tops of ..."

3. An Illustrated Flora of the Northern United States, Canada and the British by Nathaniel Lord. Britton, Hon. Addison. Brown (1913)
"... L. Great or bog bilberry. Bog Whortleberry. Bleaberry. Fig. 3259. Vaccinium uliginosum L. Sp. PI. 350. 1753. A stiff much-branched shrub, 6'-24' high. ..."

4. Report: New York by Otis Stuart (1904)
"V. uliginosum L. bog bilberry. Shores of Lake Superior, A. Gray; Isle Royale and White Fish Pt., L. Superior. Henry Billman. UP 1627. V. vacillans Kalm. ..."

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