Definition of Borderer

1. Noun. An inhabitant of a border area (especially the border between Scotland and England).

Geographical relationships: England
Generic synonyms: Denizen, Dweller, Habitant, Indweller, Inhabitant

Definition of Borderer

1. n. One who dwells on a border, or at the extreme part or confines of a country, region, or tract of land; one who dwells near to a place or region.

Definition of Borderer

1. Noun. A person who resides near a border. ¹

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Definition of Borderer

1. one that borders [n -S] - See also: borders

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Literary usage of Borderer

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. History of the State of Ohio by James Wickes Taylor (1854)
"LEWIS WETZEL, THE borderer. We have been favored with the following communication from Hon. EB Eckley, of Carroll county; which presents some facts of the ..."

2. Eagle Pass; Or, Life on the Border by Cora Montgomery (1852)
"BAPTISTS THE borderer. THE first family that raised a roof-tree and gathered round a hearth-stone in Eagle Pass, after the proprietors, was such an one as ..."

3. Chambers's Edinburgh Journal by William Chambers, Robert Chambers (1844)
"... as well as those of the young men employed by them, that business should be limited as nearly as possible to this daily BRADY, THE AMERICAN borderer. ..."

4. History of the Early Settlement and Indian Wars of Western Virginia by Wills De Hass (1851)
"LEWIS WETZEL.1 WHO in the west, has not heard of Wetzel—the daring borderer,—the brave and successful Indian hunter; the Boone of North-Western Virginia ? ..."

5. Scottish Notes and Queries edited by John Bulloch (1905)
"borderer " will be glad to have names of books containing genealogy of the ... borderer. 577. PRINCE CHARLIE'S GRANDSONS.—Can any reader give an authentic ..."

6. Practical Notes Made During a Tour in Canada: And a Portion of the United by Adam Fergusson (1833)
"... and Hamilton—Interview with a Scotch borderer—Mohawk Village. IT was necessary to cross the river Speed before getting into our quarters, ..."

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