Definition of Bottom fish

1. Noun. Fish that live on the sea bottom (particularly the commercially important gadoid fish like cod and haddock, or flatfish like flounder).

Exact synonyms: Groundfish
Generic synonyms: Food Fish

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Literary usage of Bottom fish

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Nature and the Camera: How to Photograph Live Birds and Their Nests; Animals by Arthur Radclyffe Dugmore (1902)
"These bottom fish, whose home is among the brilliantly coloured vegetation, require colours as bright as their surroundings, that they may not be easily ..."

2. Investing in Biological Diversity: The Cairns Conference : Proceedings of by OECD Staff (1997)
"Sea worms are an input in the production of bottom fish and probably other ... bottom fish enter utility functions of individuals as good things to eat. ..."

3. Life in Ponds and Streams by William S. Furneaux (1906)
"But perhaps the most interesting of the bottom fish is the Common Loach ... essentially a bottom fish, the Loach will frequently rise to the surface, ..."

4. Papers and Proceedings of the Royal Society of Tasmania by Royal Society of Tasmania (1882)
"The fish, bottom fish, caught by hook and line in such places are The School and ... Either the class of bottom fish are absent in our waters, or the proper ..."

5. The Fisheries Exhibition Literature (1883)
"Mr. JEX had been pleased to hear the remarks of Captain Curtis, showing that there were bottom fish on the coast of Africa, the paper being mostly devoted ..."

6. The Jonny-cake Papers of "Shepherd Tom": Together with Reminiscences of by Thomas Robinson Hazard, Rowland Gibson Hazard (1915)
"I well remember, too, at one noon time of wetting my breeches way up above my knees wading after bottom fish in old Miss Dyer's run. ..."

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