Definition of Box pleat

1. Noun. A flat double pleat made by folding under the fabric on either side of it.

Generic synonyms: Plait, Pleat
Group relationships: Skirt

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Literary usage of Box pleat

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. West Ham: A Study in Social and Industrial Problems; Being the Report of the by Outer London Inquiry Committee, Edward Goldie Howarth, Mona Wilson (1907)
"For example, certain blouses paid at 2s. yd. per dozen had ten tucks down each side, one box-pleat down the front, five tucks down the back, ..."

2. The Dixie Cook-book by Estelle Woods Wilcox (1883)
"... made of a piece of soft white flannel, three-fourths of a yard square, and taken up about one-fourth of a yard at the top by a single box- pleat, ..."

3. The Care of the Child in Health by Nathan Oppenheim (1900)
"Over the placket a broad single or double box-pleat is laid, which must be ... As the abdomen increases in size, this box-pleat may be shifted more and more ..."

4. Bulletin by Montana Historical Society, Henry E. Legler Regional Branch, Library, Chicago Public Library, Chicago West Side Historical Society (1916)
"forms the box pleat, turns it back, turns in the edge and sews a row of stitching a quarter of an inch from each edge, turns in the bottom of the pleat and ..."

5. The House and Home: A Practical Book by Lyman Abbott (1896)
"Then pleat the extra fulness between the basque backs in a double box-pleat, to come underneath when the ..."

6. The Quaker: A Study in Costume by Amelia Mott Gummere (1901)
"The crown of another bonnet made about 1790, still extant, has a double box-pleat at top in center and four pleats down the side, clearly showing the coming ..."

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