Definition of Bronchiectasis

1. Noun. (medicine) Abnormal permanent dilation of the bronchial tubes. ¹

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Definition of Bronchiectasis

1. [n -TASES]

Medical Definition of Bronchiectasis

1. Persistent and progressive dilation of bronchi or bronchioles as a consequence of inflammatory disease (lung infections), obstruction (tumour) or congenital abnormality (for example cystic fibrosis). Symptoms include fetid breath and paroxysmal coughing, with the expectoration of mucopurulent matter. It may affect the bronchioles uniformly (cylindric bronchiectasis) or occur in irregular pockets (sacculated bronchiectasis) or the dilated bronchi may have terminal bulbous enlargements (fusiform bronchiectasis). Although rarely congenital, it is most often an acquired condition in childhood. (13 Nov 1997)

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Literary usage of Bronchiectasis

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Surgical Clinics of North America by Robert E. Hermann, Avram M. Cooperman (1921)
"SUPPURATIVE bronchiectasis: SINGLE-STAGE LOBECTOMY THE case before us this morning is fortunately an unusual one, and yet not so rare as would be apparent ..."

2. The American Journal of the Medical Sciences by Southern Society for Clinical Investigation (U.S.) (1919)
"bronchiectasis, it is true, will rarely if ever be confused with acute progressive ... Indeed, the resemblance of bronchiectasis to such cases of phthisis ..."

3. The Practitioner by Gale Group, ProQuest Information and Learning Company (1902)
"view bronchiectasis consists of dilatations of the bronchial tubes of varying ... For instance, a bronchiectasis caused by the inhalation of a foreign body ..."

4. Diseases of the Bronchi, Lungs and Pleura, by Friedrich Albin Hoffmann, Ottomar Rosenbach, Emanuel Aufrecht, John Herr Musser, Alfred Stengel (1902)
"bronchiectasis after whooping-cough. Ronde: "Ueber die Aetiologie der ... Finlay: "Clinical Remarks on a Case of bronchiectasis treated by Incision and ..."

5. A Text-book of the practice of medicine by Hobart Amory Hare (1907)
"bronchiectasis, as its name implies, is a condition in which the bronchial ... The first of these is the only true type of bronchiectasis, but the other ..."

6. The Prophylaxis and Treatment of Internal Disease: Designed for the Use of by Frederick Forchheimer (1910)
"bronchiectasis PROPHYLAXIS bronchiectasis in by far the greatest number of cases is a secondary condition, therefore preventive measures are important. ..."

7. Principles and Practice of Physical Diagnosis by John C. Da Costa (1915)
"bronchiectasis is a circumscribed or a general dilatation of the bronchial tubes, ... bronchiectasis univer- salis, also a rare form of the disease, ..."

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