Definition of Bulbaceous

1. Adjective. Producing or growing from bulbs.

Partainyms: Bulb
Derivative terms: Bulb

Definition of Bulbaceous

1. a. Bulbous.

Definition of Bulbaceous

1. Adjective. bulbous ¹

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Literary usage of Bulbaceous

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Dictionary of the English Language by Samuel Johnson, John Walker, Robert S. Jameson (1828)
"... of raising edifices according to grten designs ; practical architecture. BULB, (bulb) ns A round body, or root. bulbaceous, (bul-ba'-she-us) o. Bulbous. ..."

2. Structural and Systematic Conchology: An Introduction to the Study of the by George Washington Tryon (1883)
"Shell smooth, ovate, ventricose ; spire short, apex bulbaceous ; last whorl rather large ; aperture very large, the lip considerably expanded; ..."

3. Travels and Researches in Caffraria: Describing the Character, Customs, and by Stephen Kay (1834)
"All whom we met exhibited visible signs of extreme poverty; and numbers were busily employed in collecting various kinds of bulbaceous roots, ..."

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