Definition of Buttweld

1. Verb. Join by a butt weld.

Exact synonyms: Butt-weld
Generic synonyms: Weld
Derivative terms: Butt Weld, Butt Welding, Butt-weld, Butt-welding, Butt Weld, Butt Welding, Butt-weld, Butt-welding

Definition of Buttweld

1. v. t. To unite by a butt weld.

Definition of Buttweld

1. Verb. To weld by gradually heating the two ends with a weld plate and then joining them under a specific pressure, used to connect parts which are nearly parallel and do not overlap. ¹

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Literary usage of Buttweld

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Gas Record (1918)
"... and sixty pieces of pipe of various sizes, both buttweld and ... failures follows: A summary of the 1-inch regular buttweld 2-inch regular ..."

2. A Handbook of the Petroleum Industry by David Talbot Day (1922)
"buttweld.—Welded along a seam that is not scarfed or lapped (National Tube Co.). By heads.—Term used when a well flows intermittently (Sands). By-pass. ..."

3. Potential Impact on the U. S. Economy and Industries of the GATT Uruguay Mark Estes by Mark Estes (1994)
"... investigations on products in this sector including buttweld pipe fittings, pipes and tubes, bars, flat-rolled products, flanges, wire rod, and angles. ..."

4. Bulletin by United States Bureau of Mines (1920)
"... to compel every employee to Join the union and to pay the dues regularly. On payment of dues, each man is given a barton to wear on his hat. buttweld. ..."

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