Definition of Carrot stick

1. Noun. A stick of carrot eaten raw.

Generic synonyms: Crudites

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Literary usage of Carrot stick

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Hostess of To-day by Linda Hull Larned (1899)
"A : 1 tbsp. butter sauted with J an onion, 1 tbsp. cooked ham chopped, 3 cloves, i carrot, stick celery, ..."

2. Elements of Natural Philosophy: A Text Book for High Schools and Academies by Elroy McKendree Avery (1885)
"Into one end of the carrot, stick a sewing-needle. Bring the electrified glass rod near the point of the needle without touching it. ..."

3. Teaching Young Children Ages 1-6 by Evan-Moor Educational Publishers, Jill Norris, Marilyn Evans, Cindy Davis (2002)
"Use your five senses to identify different foods. samples of foods 1. Show two foods: 2. Say, carrot stick cheese stick Here are two things that we ..."

4. Elementary Physics by Elroy McKendree Avery (1878)
"Into one end of the carrot stick a sewing- needle. Bring the electrified glass rod near the point of the needle without touching it. ..."

5. Russian Money Laundering: Congressional Hearing edited by James A. Leach (2001)
"Even though I know the hand is out, it seems to me the carrot stick needs to be there, Mr. Robinson. Mr. ROBINSON. I think that one of the things that ..."

6. Strategic Transformation and Naval Power in the 21st Century by Pelham G. Boyer, Robert S. Wood (1998)
"Through a so-far judicious carrot-stick approach, Moscow hopes at least to prevent the establishment of any hostile state or coalition on its borders. ..."

7. Good-living: A Practical Cookery-book for Town and Country by Sara Van Buren (1890)
"In the bottom of a baking- pan lay I small onion, small carrot, stick or two of celery, all cut in pieces, 4 cloves, and 1 bay-leaf. ..."

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