Definition of Cassette player

1. Noun. Electronic equipment for playing cassettes.

Generic synonyms: Electronic Equipment

Definition of Cassette player

1. Noun. A device capable of playing prerecorded cassette tapes ¹

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Literary usage of Cassette player

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1. Literacy Skills for the Knowledge Society: Further Results from the by Nancy Darcovich, Statistics Canada (1997)
"... 54 Clock radios with cassette player General Electric 7-4965 ... G-Cassette player lacks Rewind function. H-Model permits wake-up to cassette play. ..."

2. Report of the President's Commission on Aviation Security and Terrorism (1993)
"Among these materials was a Toshiba radio cassette player that had been tampered with. A total of 16 persons were arrested in the raids. ..."

3. Celebrate Life!: A Guide for Planning All Night Alcohol edited by Sharon Murphy (1994)
"Bar of Solid Chocolate Hair Dryer Hot Air Curling Iron 1:30 am - Cassette Player/AM-FM Radio Pewter Cuff Bracelet (2) 2:00 am - S50. ..."

4. Russian Defense Business Directory: St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblastedited by Franklin J. Carvalho edited by Franklin J. Carvalho (1998)
"... the "Kvazar" cassette player, the "Forum" bass-booster amplifier, and other stereo cassette players), general purpose communications equipment, ..."

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