Definition of Cattle boat

1. Noun. A cargo ship for the transport of livestock.

Exact synonyms: Cattleship
Generic synonyms: Cargo Ship, Cargo Vessel
Derivative terms: Cattle

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Literary usage of Cattle boat

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Olden Time: A Monthly Publication Devoted to the Preservation of by Neville B. Craig (1876)
"Harmer that I had sailed, &c., vide the public letters of this date; I also wrote to Mrs. B. After lightening the cattle boat so much, she sailed and seemed ..."

2. Two Years Among New Guinea Cannibals: A Naturalist's Sojourn Among the by Antwerp Edgar Pratt (1906)
"... sail to Thursday Island—A Rough Voyage in a Cattle-boat —A Glimpse of Thursday Island—The Wonderful Colour of its Waters—We reach Port Moresby—Contrast ..."

3. Chick Evans' Golf Book by Charles Evans (1921)
"CHAPTER XI CAMPUS TO cattle boat Borrowed pony cuts short an educational career — Letter from President Taft — On the briny deep as assistant foreman — A ..."

4. Illustrated History of the Union Stockyards: Sketch-book of Familiar Faces by W. Joseph Grand (1896)
"The favorite steamer for this sort of voyage is a cattle boat, belonging to the Wilson Line ... This cattle boat is a very handsome vessel, and one of the ..."

5. The English Illustrated Magazine (1893)
"The Western Ocean cattle boat is chiefly a large powerful steamer, of a burthen ranging from 3000 to 5000 tons. Indeed, many of these vessels belong to the ..."

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