Definition of Cell theory

1. Noun. (biology) the theory that cells form the fundamental structural and functional units of all living organisms; proposed in 1838 by Matthias Schleiden and by Theodor Schwann.

Exact synonyms: Cell Doctrine
Generic synonyms: Scientific Theory
Category relationships: Biological Science, Biology

Definition of Cell theory

1. Noun. (biology) the theory that all living organisms are made of cells as the smallest functional unit ¹

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Medical Definition of Cell theory

1. The theory that all cells come from previously existing cells, and that cells are the most fundamental structural units of all living things. (26 Mar 1998)

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Literary usage of Cell theory

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. College zoology by Robert William Hegner (1918)
"THE CELL AND THE cell theory ( 11 Structure. — It has already been noted that the body of an .inim.d is divided up into microscopic units called cells, ..."

2. Microscopical Morphology of the Animal Body in Health and Disease by Carl Heitzmann (1882)
"Cell-theory in the Light of these Researches. The theory of the animal cells, as established by Th. Schwann,* was greatly altered in 1861, by the researches ..."

3. The Development of the Chick: An Introduction to Embryology by Frank Rattray Lillie (1908)
"... INTRODUCTION I. THE cell theory THE fundamental basis of the general conceptions of embryology, as of other biological disciplines, is the cell theory. ..."

4. Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society by Cambridge Philosophical Society (1895)
"The following Communications were made to the Society: (1) On the inadequacy of the cell theory and on the development of Nerves. ..."

5. Genetics; an Introduction to the Study of Heredity by Herbert Eugene Walter (1922)
"To this end it will be necessary in the first place to take up what is meant by the "cell theory." 2. THE cell theory In 1838-1839 the "cell theory" of ..."

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