Definition of Centaurea imperialis

1. Noun. Perennial of mountains of Iran and Iraq; cultivated for its fragrant rose-pink flowers.

Exact synonyms: Sweet Sultan
Generic synonyms: Flower
Group relationships: Centaurea, Genus Centaurea

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Literary usage of Centaurea imperialis

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Flower Gardening by Henry Sherman Adams (1913)
"... hortensis Queen of the Market Peony-flowered Late branching Centaurea americana Centaurea cyanus *centaurea imperialis *Centaurea suaveolens Cheiranthus ..."

2. My Garden by Louise Beebe Wilder (1916)
"centaurea imperialis (Sweet Sultan) is one of the most beautiful of annuals, bearing, until frost, long-stemmed, fragrant flowers, in shades of mauve, ..."

3. Gardening (1905)
"... of centaurea imperialis, a charming hardy annual; a collection of Japanese irises, large and in various colors, and specimens of fruit, potatoes and ..."

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