Definition of Cervantes saavedra

1. Noun. Spanish writer best remembered for 'Don Quixote' which satirizes chivalry and influenced the development of the novel form (1547-1616).

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Literary usage of Cervantes saavedra

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. History of Spanish Literature by George Ticknor (1891)
"Noticias para la Vida de Miguel de cervantes saavedra, by J. Ant. Pellicer, first printed in his '' Ensayo de una Biblioteca de Traduc- tores," 1778, ..."

2. The American Catalogue ... July 1, 1876-Dec. 31, 1910 by Lynds Eugene Jones, Richard Rogers Bowker, Augusta Isabella Appleton (1905)
"cervantes saavedra, M. de. Ingenuous gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha. ... cervantes saavedra, M. de. Life and achievements of Don Quixote de la Mancha. ..."

3. First Proofs of the Universal Catalogue of Books on Art: Compiled for the by National Art Library (Great Britain), Henry Cole, John Hungerford Pollen, Great Britain Dept. of Science and Art (1870)
"BM cervantes saavedra (MIGUEL DE). Vida y Hechos del ingenioso Cavallero Don ... cervantes saavedra (MIGUEL DE). The Life and Exploits of Don Quixote de la ..."

4. English Verse by William James Linton, Richard Henry Stoddard (1883)
"MIGUEL DE cervantes saavedra. 1547—1616. ANTONIO'S WOOING. (From Dm Quixote.) Me thou lovest, I know, Olalla I Though thou hast not told me so ; Though ..."

5. The Masterpieces and the History of Literature: Analysis, Criticism by Julian Hawthorne, John Russell Young, Oliver Herbrand Gordon Leigh, John Porter Lamberton (1906)
"But so great is the merit as well as the fame of the masterpiece of Miguel de cervantes saavedra that it has thrown into the shade all the other productions ..."

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