Definition of Chilblain

1. Noun. Inflammation of the hands and feet caused by exposure to cold and moisture.

Exact synonyms: Chilblains, Pernio
Generic synonyms: Blain
Specialized synonyms: Kibe

Definition of Chilblain

1. n. A blain, sore, or inflammatory swelling, produced by exposure of the feet or hands to cold, and attended by itching, pain, and sometimes ulceration.

2. v. t. To produce chilblains upon.

Definition of Chilblain

1. Noun. (pathology) An itchy purple red inflammation of the skin, especially of the hands, feet and ears. It occurs when capillaries below the skin are damaged by exposure to cold weather. ¹

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Definition of Chilblain

1. [n -S]

Medical Definition of Chilblain

1. Redness, itching and burning of the skin, especially the fingers, toes, heels, nose and ears on exposure to extreme cold and high humidity. Skin lesions may become blistered and or ulcerated. (05 Jan 1998)

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Literary usage of Chilblain

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Practitioner by Gale Group, ProQuest Information and Learning Company (1893)
"Treatment of Bedsore and of chilblain. ... In erythema pernio (chilblain), should ulceration have occurred, warmth, elevation, and rest are required, ..."

2. The Asclepiad by Sir Benjamin Ward Richardson (1886)
"chilblain CIRCULATION.—A CLINICAL' STUDY. JN the essay on local syncope in THE ... In order to indicate clearly the conditions to which the term chilblain ..."

3. Handbook of Therapy by Oliver Thomas Osborne, Morris Fishbein (1918)
"chilblain The conditions favoring chilblain are impaired and weak circulation. Hence it is seen chiefly in the lower extremities, especially in the feet, ..."

4. A Compend of surgery, for students and physicians: Including Minor Surgery by Orville Horwitz (1907)
"chilblain—FROSTBITE OR PERNIO. Severe cold causes an erythematous inflammation of ... When the air is loaded with moisture, chilblain is much more apt to be ..."

5. A Complete Handbook for the Sanitary Troops of the U.S. Army and Navy and by Charles Field Mason (1917)
"Local freezing is of two degrees, frost-bite and chilblain. ... chilblain is a condition of acute or chronic congestion occurring especially in the feet, ..."

6. A Practical treatise on the diseases of children by Alfred Vogel (1885)
"First grade : redness, slight swelling, itching, an' pricking, especially in chilblain. Second grade : bloody blisters which in part originate through the ..."

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