Definition of Choke off

1. Verb. Suppress. "He choked down his rage"

Exact synonyms: Choke Back, Choke Down
Generic synonyms: Conquer, Curb, Inhibit, Stamp Down, Subdue, Suppress

2. Verb. Become or cause to become obstructed. "The water pipe is backed up"
Exact synonyms: Back Up, Choke, Clog, Clog Up, Congest, Foul
Specialized synonyms: Gum Up, Crap Up, Block, Choke Up, Lug, Stuff, Silt, Silt Up
Generic synonyms: Block, Close Up, Impede, Jam, Obstruct, Obturate, Occlude
Derivative terms: Backup, Clog, Congestion, Congestive
Antonyms: Unclog

Definition of Choke off

1. Verb. (idiomatic transitive) To get rid of, cause to come to an end. ¹

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Literary usage of Choke off

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. An American Glossary by Richard Hopwood Thornton (1912)
"choke off. To silence, to put a stop to. Cobbett, 1818. ... 1910 Had the effort to choke off Mr. Burleson's motion for the deposition of Speaker Cannon ..."

2. Aspects of Modern Study: Being University Extension Addresses by Lyon Playfair Playfair, Robert Davies Roberts (1894)
"What is to be done for the more advanced students, who desire to push on to subjects, or parts of subjects, which choke off, and ought to choke off, ..."

3. Special Operations Forces: Roles And Missions In The Aftermath Of The Cold War by Wayne A. (FRW) Downing (1996)
"It is the author's opinion that the policy of attempting to choke off the flow of drugs into the United States from the producer countries is a failure and ..."

4. Slang and Its Analogues Past and Present: A Dictionary, Historical and by John Stephen Farmer, William Ernest Henley (1891)
"choke off, verb (common).—To get rid off; to put a stop to ; and in a milder sense, 'to run contrary to.' [In the first instance the idea was associated ..."

5. A Dictionary of Slang, Jargon & Cant: Embracing English, American, and Anglo by Albert Barrère, Charles Godfrey Leland (1889)
"Choke-jade (turf), a dip in the course at Newmarket a few hundred yards on the Cambridge side of the running gap in the Ditch. choke off, to (common), ..."

6. Proceedings and Debates of the Convention of the Commonwealth of by Pennsylvania Constitutional Convention, Pennsylvania, John Agg (1838)
"... that no man is more anxious to come to a close than I am, but will not give any sanction tQ any proposition which will choke off important discussions. ..."

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