Definition of Class structure

1. Noun. The organization of classes within a society.

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Literary usage of Class structure

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1. Black Student Politics, Higher Education and Apartheid: From Saso to Sansco by Saleem Badat (1999)
"The political position and significance of students in any conjuncture cannot be simply read off from their location in the class structure. ..."

2. Current Issues in Non-timber Forest Products Research: Proceedings of the by J. E. Michael Arnold, Manuel Ruiz PĂ©rez (1996)
"Forest inventory Density and size-class structure data are the most fundamental pieces of information required for management. Just as foresters need to ..."

3. Capital (1888)
"Long 12 years have since elapsed and the Commission's recommendations, barring some immaterial and formal piecemeal changes in the class structure, ..."

4. Unified Medical Language System: Current Bibliographies in Medicine (Jan by Catherine R. Selden, Betsy L. Humphreys (1997)
"The class structure serves several functions. One function is to interrelate general and specific categories of molecular and morphologic entities. ..."

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