Definition of Clitoridectomy

1. Noun. Excision of the clitoris.

Exact synonyms: Female Circumcision
Generic synonyms: Ablation, Cutting Out, Excision, Extirpation

Definition of Clitoridectomy

1. Noun. (context: surgery) The surgical procedure to remove all or part of the clitoris; female circumcision. ¹

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Definition of Clitoridectomy

1. [n -MIES]

Medical Definition of Clitoridectomy

1. Removal of the clitoris. Origin: clitoris + G. Ektome, excision (05 Mar 2000)

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Literary usage of Clitoridectomy

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Hand-book of uterine therapeutics, and of diseases of women by Edward John Tilt (1869)
"... cautery was applied to check the flow of blood. I have cited a case, in which this was clone without, however, preventing masturbation. clitoridectomy ..."

2. A Textbook of Gynecology by Charles Alfred Lee Reed (1901)
"The flaps are approximated by buried clitoridectomy, or excision of the clitoris, may be demanded for the cure of either malignant or tuberculous disease of ..."

3. A Compend of operative gynecology: Based on Lectures in the Course of by William Seaman Bainbridge, Harold Denman Meeker (1906)
"clitoridectomy. Technic : A circular incision is made through the prepuce and the lower surface of the free end of the clitoris, and carried upward along ..."

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