Definition of Clitorides

1. Noun. (irregular plural of clitoris) ¹

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Definition of Clitorides

1. clitoris [n] - See also: clitoris

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Literary usage of Clitorides

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Anomalies and curiosities of medicine: Being an Encyclopedic Collection of by George Milbry Gould, Walter Lytle Pyle (1900)
"The solution of this peculiar ardor is found ¡n the fact that some of the females had enlarged clitorides, strong voices, robu-t figures, ..."

2. Essays and Observations on Natural History, Anatomy, Physiology, Psychology by John Hunter, Richard Owen (1861)
"There are two clitorides. The vagina is very long and small, and appears to be the common vagina through its whole length. The uterus has, or is, two horns, ..."

3. The American Journal of Clinical Medicine (1906)
"A large proportion of so-called "hermaphrodites" may be regarded as women with extremely large clitorides. It may be congenital, or may result from ..."

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