Definition of Closed-loop system

1. Noun. A control system with a feedback loop that is active.

Exact synonyms: Closed Loop
Generic synonyms: Control System

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Literary usage of Closed-loop system

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Topics in Physical Geometry by Robert Hermann (1988)
"Let us now describe how the Grassmann symbol of a closed loop system is ... BOL OF THE CLOSED LOOP SYSTEM Consider a linear system of m inputs and p outputs ..."

2. Metal Finishing Industry: Guides To Pollution Prevention by DIANE Publishing Company (1975)
"In a closed loop system, the treated effluent is returned to the rinse system. ... A small amount of waste is still discharged from a closed loop system. ..."

3. A Course in Electrical Engineering by Chester Laurens Dawes (1920)
"The open spiral may be closed at its ends, resulting in the closed loop system of Fig. 343 (c). ..."

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