Definition of Coal house

1. Noun. A shed for storing coal.

Generic synonyms: Shed

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Literary usage of Coal house

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Seal and Salmon Fisheries and General Resources of Alaska by David Starr Jordan, Henry Wood Elliott, Washburn Maynard, Sheldon Jackson, William Gouverneur Morris, Ivan Petroff, Charles Haskins Townsend, Frederick William True, John J. Brice, Leonhard Stejneger (1898)
"I would request your attention to the coal house in which part of the Government coal is stored, the remainder being stored in the company's coal house. ..."

2. United States Statutes at Large: Containing the Laws and Concurrent by United States (1860)
"For reservoir, two thousand five hundred dollars; for coal-house, eight thousand ... For water-tank, one thousand dollars ; For coal-house, six thousand two ..."

3. British Reformers by John Foxe, John Bale, Miles Coverdale (1842)
"... John Careless answering to the loving epistle or letter sent to him before by M. John Philpot, then in the stocks in the bishop of London's coal-house. ..."

4. Buildings and Structures of American Railroads: A Reference Book for by Walter Gilman Berg (1893)
"The Northern Pacific Railroad has a standard derrick coal-house, shown in Figs. 269 to 272, designed by Mr. CB Talbot, that is an excellent example of a ..."

5. The Exchequer Reports: Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Courts by Great Britain Court of Exchequer, William Newland Welsby, Great Britain Court of Exchequer Chamber, Edwin Tyrrell Hurlstone, John Gordon (1854)
"... and improper conduct in and about the premises, the coal-house and the yard wall of the said dwelling- house fell, and the said dwelling-house sank, ..."

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