Definition of Common mosquito

1. Noun. Common house mosquito.

Exact synonyms: Culex Pipiens
Generic synonyms: Mosquito
Group relationships: Culex, Genus Culex

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Literary usage of Common mosquito

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Nature-study: A Manual for Teachers and Students by Frederick Leopold Holtz (1908)
"It is not the common mosquito, Culex, that is responsible for this, ... the common mosquito by the fact that it seems to stand upon its head when at rest, ..."

2. The New Student's Reference Work for Teachers, Students and Families by Chandler Belden Beach, Frank Morton McMurry (1917)
"The more common mosquito of the genus Culex does not carry malaria, but a closely-related form with spotted wings, belonging to the genus Anopheles, ..."

3. Laboratory Exercises in General Zoölogy by Glenn Washington Herrick (1907)
"Write out a summary of the life history of a common mosquito. ... To what class, order, genus, and species does the common mosquito belong. ..."

4. Science of Home and Community: A Text-book in General Science by Gilbert Haven Trafton (1919)
"The following explanation refers to the common mosquito, Culex. ... Life history of common mosquito (Culex) at left and of malarial mosquito (Anopheles) at ..."

5. A Text-book in General Zoölogy by Glenn Washington Herrick (1907)
"Pupa of common mosquito, much enlarged. r 129). pupae are also active, and they have the ... Wiggler of common mosquito, enlarged : r, breathing tube. ..."

6. The Human Body and Health: An Elementary Text-book of Essential Anatomy by Alvin Davison (1908)
"Position taken by a common mosquito (Culex) a, and by a malaria mosquito (Anopheles) b, when alighting. Note that in the malaria mosquito the two palpi just ..."

7. Infection, Immunity and Serum Therapy: In Relation to the Infectious by Howard Taylor Ricketts (1908)
"... the latter taking place in the infected animal, the former in the stomach of the common mosquito ..."

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