Definition of Compound leaf

1. Noun. A leaf composed of a number of leaflets on a common stalk.

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Literary usage of Compound leaf

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Structural Botany: Or Organography on the Basis of Morphology. To which is by Asa Gray (1879)
"The leaflets of a compound leaf being homologous with the lobes or segments of a simple leaf, indeed being such segments fully isolated, the two sorts fall ..."

2. The Monthly Microscopical Journal: Transactions of the Royal Microscopical (1869)
"A compound leaf is a simple leaf, or a multiple of them, attached to a stalk ... The leaves of a compound leaf are called leaflets: they are generally ..."

3. Class Book of Botany: Being Outlines of the Structure, Physiology and by Alphonso Wood (1861)
"The following pinnate-veined forms, approaching the compound leaf, depend less upon the proportion of the ISO 1"! 1SS 183 Forms of leaves. ..."

4. Gray's Botanical Text-book by Asa Gray (1879)
"The leaflets of a compound leaf being homologous with the lobes or ... A pin- nately veined simple leaf is the homologue of one kind of compound leaf; ..."

5. Gray's School and Field Book of Botany: Consisting of "Lessons in Botany by Asa Gray (1887)
"A compound leaf is one which has its blade in entirely separate parts, ... as a divided simple leaf, or a compound leaf, according to the circumstances. ..."

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