Definition of Cosmetologist

1. Noun. An expert in the use of cosmetics.

Generic synonyms: Expert
Derivative terms: Cosmetology

Definition of Cosmetologist

1. Noun. a person who advises people (normally women) on cosmetics and other beauty treatments; a beautician ¹

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Definition of Cosmetologist

1. [n -S]

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Literary usage of Cosmetologist

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. General Laws of the State of Kansas by Kansas (1861)
"The examination fee shall be ten dollars ($10) for cosmetologist and three dollars (S3) for manicurist, and the renewal fee for each succeeding year shall ..."

2. Occupational Outlook Handbook, 1994-1995 by DIANE Publishing Company (1994)
"... housekeeping 324 5242 Housecleaner 324 5252 Barber 315 5252 Barber apprentice 315 5253 Manicurist 315 5253 Fingernail former 315 5253 cosmetologist 315 ..."

3. In the Shade of an Acacia Tree: Memoirs of a Health Officer in Africa, 1945-1959 by Frank L. Lambrecht (1991)
"... thereby turning the routine market day into a center of entertainment and elevating the barber's image to that of a multiracial cosmetologist. ..."

4. Women-Owned and Home-Based Businesses: Hearing Before the Committee on Small edited by Christopher S. Bond (1999)
"At the conclusion of the course, they are tested by the State Board of Cosmetology, and when they pass the test, they become licensed cosmetologist. ..."

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