Definition of Coughing

1. Noun. A sudden noisy expulsion of air from the lungs that clears the air passages; a common symptom of upper respiratory infection or bronchitis or pneumonia or tuberculosis.

Exact synonyms: Cough
Group relationships: Respiratory Disease, Respiratory Disorder, Respiratory Illness
Generic synonyms: Symptom
Derivative terms: Cough, Cough

Definition of Coughing

1. Verb. (present participle of cough) ¹

2. Noun. A cough, the act of '''coughing'''. ¹

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Definition of Coughing

1. cough [v] - See also: cough

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Literary usage of Coughing

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Pathological physiology of internal diseases by Albion Walter Hewlett (1916)
"coughing So far as larger l>odies in the upper passages are concerned, the most important protective mechanism is coughing. The act of coughing is initiated ..."

2. Elements of Physics: Or, Natural Philosophy, General and Medical: Written by Neil Arnott (1838)
"The action of coughing is often produced by irritation from a cause which cannot be removed by coughing, as inflammation of the chest, or tubercles; ..."

3. Monographic Medicine by Albion Walter Hewlett, Henry Leopold Elsner (1916)
"coughing So far as larger bodies in the upper passages are concerned, the most important protective mechanism is coughing. The act of coughing is initiated ..."

4. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease by American Neurological Association, Philadelphia Neurological Society, Chicago Neurological Society, New York Neurological Association, Boston Society of Psychiatry and Neurology (1916)
"COMPLETE EXTERIOR OPHTHALMOPLEGIA FOLLOWING AN ATTACK OF SEVERE coughing By GE de Schweinitz, MD, and WG Spiller, MD Exterior ophthalmoplegia developing ..."

5. The American Journal of the Medical Sciences by Southern Society for Clinical Investigation (U.S.) (1855)
"During the night, he bad a few fits of coughing. On the next day, the symptoms were in all ... Expulsion of a Coin from the Larynx by an act of coughing. ..."

6. Thyroid and Thymus by André Crotti (1922)
"coughing. —A symptom which, when present, is persistent and annoying is coughing. ... In the great majority of cases this coughing is not caused at all by" ..."

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