Definition of Datable

1. Adjective. That can be given a date. "A concrete and datable happening"

Exact synonyms: Dateable
Antonyms: Undatable

Definition of Datable

1. a. That may be dated; having a known or ascertainable date.

Definition of Datable

1. Adjective. That may be ascribed a date (or age) ¹

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Definition of Datable

1. capable of being dated [adj]

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Literary usage of Datable

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Potters' Quarter: The Pottery by Agnes Newhall Stillwell, Jack Leonard Benson (1984)
"34-49): Objects from outside the deposits, probably mostly datable in the third quarter of the 4th century." It may also be noted that some of the ..."

2. A History of Ancient Sculpture by Lucy Myers Wright Mitchell (1883)
"These discoveries, as well as a careful comparison with genuine datable sculptures from Greek soil, at last have shown most clearly that the Apollo ..."

3. Hellenistic Pottery: Athenian and Imported Wheelmade Table Ware and Related by Susan I. Rotroff (1997)
"Very little pottery, much of it not closely datable, but some late Hellenistic. 1119. Upper Fill. Almost no fine pottery, none datable after ca. 150. ..."

4. Hellenistic Pottery: The Plain Wares by Susan I. Rotroff (2006)
"No independently datable objects in lower fill. Dumped fill above, which seems to be about contemporary, contained seven stamped amphora handles, ..."

5. Cavendish by Christa Jungnickel, Russell McCormmach (1996)
"One of the watermarks, LVG, appears on the earliest of Cavendish's extant papers, his calculations for the 1761 transit of Venus; its last datable ..."

6. The Historians' History of the World: A Comprehensive Narrative of the Rise by Henry Smith Williams (1904)
"In Greece we find datable Egyptian products in Mycenaean deposits, and conversely in datable Egyptian deposits we find Mycenaean products. ..."

7. The Red-figure Pottery by Sharon Herbert (1977)
"Whenever a deposit has been previously published, the discussion is kept as brief as possible. The list includes thirteen datable deposits.4 No Corinthian ..."

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