Definition of Dead center

1. Noun. The position of a crank when it is in line with the connecting rod and not exerting torque.

Exact synonyms: Dead Centre
Generic synonyms: Position, Spatial Relation

Definition of Dead center

1. Noun. The position of the crank of a piston when it is in line with the connecting rod ¹

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Literary usage of Dead center

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Text-book of Advanced Machine Work: Prepared for Students in Technical by Robert Henry Smith (1915)
"Material, use piece that you are working on after it is rough-turned jV' to large, or trial piece the same length. 1. Set dead center by Approximate Method, ..."

2. Dyke's Automobile and Gasoline Engine Encyclopedia by Andrew Lee Dyke (1920)
"Inlet opens top of dead center, closes 32° after bottom. A prominent French racing engine uses a valve timing of—Inlet opens 10-12° after top, ..."

3. The Scientific Spirit and Social Work by Arthur James Todd (1919)
"CHAPTER VI THE dead center IN SOCIAL WORK If clocks did not run down after ... In mechanics this phenomenon is called the "dead center," which engineers ..."

4. The Science of Railways by Marshall Monroe Kirkman (1912)
"6, should come to the same place with engine on either dead center. Put engine on front dead center. Throw reverse lever full sweep of quadrant. ..."

5. Mechanical Appliances, Mechanical Movements and Novelties of Construction: A by Gardner Dexter Hiscox (1910)
"... connecting arm to crank pin of driven shaft at H. J, a right- angle motion piece to prevent the driven shaft sticking on the dead center. ..."

6. The Locomotive Up to Date by Charles McShane (1899)
"TO FIND THE dead center. When finding the forward dead center on the main wheel, you will notice that the main rod is pushing the cross-head when ..."

7. International Library of Technology: A Series of Textbooks for Persons by International Textbook Company (1910)
"In a two-cylinder opposed engine, the mark indicating the head-end dead center of one piston will also indicate the crank-end dead center of the other ..."

8. Steam-engine Principles and Practice by Terrell William Croft (1922)
"This is because there is no angularity with this mechanism. 153. “dead center” denotes the position of an engine mechanism (Figs. ..."

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