Definition of Degree of a polynomial

1. Noun. The degree of the term in the polynomial that has the highest degree.

Generic synonyms: Degree

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Literary usage of Degree of a polynomial

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A College Algebra by Henry Burchard Fine (1904)
"The degree of a polynomial is the degree of its term or terms 274 of highest degree ; and the degree of any integral expression is that of the simplest ..."

2. The Elements of the Theory of Algebraic Numbers by Legh Wilber Reid (1910)
"The degree of a polynomial, mod p, is the degree of the term of highest degree whose coefficient is not divisible by p. The sum of the degrees of the ..."

3. First-year Mathematics for Secondary Schools by Ernst Rudolph Breslich (1915)
"degree of a polynomial. When a polynomial has been reduced to the simplest form, the degree of the term having the highest degree is the degree of the ..."

4. General Mathematics by Raleigh Schorling, William David Reeve (1919)
"7. - 9. rV. -J 2. 2ab*. 4. 5a;yV. 6. ^ • 8. rs4. 10. 217. degree of a polynomial. The degree of a polynomial is determined by the ..."

5. Handbook of Mathematics for Engineers and Engineering Students by Joseph Claudel (1906)
"The degree of a polynomial with reference to one or several of its letters is the largest exponent of the one letter or the largest sum of the letters in ..."

6. First Course in Algebra by William Benjamin Fite (1913)
"Degree of a Polynomial that is not Homogeneous. — If the polynomial is not homogeneous, the degree of the term of the highest degree is taken as the degree ..."

7. A High School Algebra by Jacob William Albert Young, Lambert Lincoln Jackson (1913)
"Degree of a Polynomial. The degree of a polynomial is that of its term of highest degree ; its degree with respect to a letter is the highest degree of that ..."

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