Definition of Diabetic coma

1. Noun. Coma that can develop in inadequately treated cases of diabetes mellitus.

Exact synonyms: Kussmaul's Coma
Generic synonyms: Coma, Comatoseness

Medical Definition of Diabetic coma

1. A severe metabolic derangement that occurs in the absence of insulin. Insulin allows the body to absorb glucose into cells for energy production. In the absence of insulin, the body starts to break down fats for fuel. A metabolic byproduct of fat metabolism is referred to as a ketone. The presence of elevated blood ketones in this setting is known as diabetic ketoacidosis. In extreme, untreated cases, this can lead to coma and death. (27 Sep 1997)

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Literary usage of Diabetic coma

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

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"diabetic coma. In the preceding chapter conditions have been considered which depend ... In diabetic coma other acids («.</., hydroxybutyric) make their ..."

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"THE TREATMENT OF THREATENING diabetic coma Rules in Force at the Corey Hill and New England Deaconess Hospitals 1. Nursing.—Provide a special nurse for the ..."

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"In cases of diabetic coma the urine always contains a large excess of organic acids, and the N of NH3 is usually increased to 18 to 25 per cent, ..."

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"Warnings of diabetic coma. ... has found that before and during diabetic coma numerous casts appear in the urine. Their occurrence is of great importance as ..."

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"545) on diabetic coma. In the larger number of cases diabetics die from visceral complications, and in many of the recorded cases of death ascribed to ..."

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"Crotonic acid can regularly be obtained from the urines of patients in diabetic coma. 6. The condition of diabetic coma is preceded by a period of day:-, ..."

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"The Cause of diabetic coma Wre have seen that in diabetic coma there is always a ... Furthermore, the symptoms of diabetic coma indicate a severe ¡UK! ..."

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