Definition of Draft copy

1. Noun. Any of the various versions in the development of a written work. "The final draft of the constitution"

Exact synonyms: Draft
Generic synonyms: Text, Textual Matter
Derivative terms: Draft

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Literary usage of Draft copy

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Practice & Procedure of the House of Lords: In English, Scotch & Irish by Charles Marsh Denison, Charles Henderson Scott (1879)
"A draft copy of the judgment when drawn up by the Clerk of the Parliaments is sent to the agents of all parties who have appeared at the Bar on printed ..."

2. Memoirs of John Quincy Adams: Comprising Portions of His Diary from 1795 to 1848 by John Quincy Adams (1874)
"It was now in the draft copy, and Mr. Gallatin was desirous of ... The draft copy names the British Government and Plenipotentiaries first in the preamble ..."

3. A Digest of Cases Determined by the Supreme Court of Canada: From the by Robert Cassels, Canada Supreme Court (1893)
"On the 18th July he left a draft copy of the " case" with the Chief Justice of ... that on the 25th July the draft copy of the " case " was handed to the ..."

4. The Life of Lord Chancellor Hardwicke: With Selections from His by George Harris (1847)
"The following is the indorsement on the fair draft copy of the memorial, also in the handwriting of ..."

5. Introduction to Shakespeare by Edward Dowden (1895)
"The draft copy was ready for engrossment, but the fair copy had not yet been made when in March, 1616, the testator was taken seriously ill. ..."

6. Stages to Saturn: A Technological History of the Apollo/Saturn Launch Vehicle by Roger E. Bilstein (1999)
"(draft copy). 31. Ivan D. Ertel and Mary Louise Morse, ... 1972 (a preliminary draft copy in JSC files). See also, Boeing, Thrust, 4 Oct. 1958; ..."

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