Definition of Drip mould

1. Noun. (architecture) a projection from a cornice or sill designed to protect the area below from rainwater (as over a window or doorway).

Exact synonyms: Drip, Drip Mold
Specialized synonyms: Dripstone, Hoodmold, Hoodmould
Generic synonyms: Projection
Category relationships: Architecture

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Literary usage of Drip mould

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Master Masons of Chartres by John James (1990)
"It is identical to the drip mould under the nave sill! ... Finding Ruby's drip mould on one side of the buttress, he continued the motif to the east, ..."

2. Portuguese Architecture by Walter Crum Watson (1908)
"It has only two orders left, of which the outer, though under a deep arch, has a billet-moulded drip-mould, and its voussoirs each carved with a figure on ..."

3. Framing: A Practical Manual of Approved Up-to-date Methods of House Framing by William A. Radford (1917)
"The transom sash, which is hinged at the bottom and swings in at the top, is rebated over the transom bar and provided with a drip-mould similar to the ..."

4. The 20th Century Bricklayer's and Mason's Assistant: Part 1: The Bricklayer by Frederick Thomas Hodgson (1905)
"If sills are set flush with the wall, a separate drip mould (Fig. 47) should be fixed immediately below ... A separate drip mould over the head, as in Fig. ..."

5. Medieval Art: From the Peace of the Church to the Eve of the Renaissance by William Richard Lethaby (1904)
"... had dragon-headed terminations to the drip-mould similar to those of the nave arcade ; they were reset in the fourteenth-century outer arch. ..."

6. Radford's Portfolio of Details of Building Construction: A Remarkable and by William A. Radford, Bernard L. Johnson, Charles P. Rawson (1911)
"Note extra drip mould attached to lower part of sash to protect the lower joint. Fig. 178, interior elevation showing inside trim. ..."

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